Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Delhi --- Rape Cancer Spreading Fast ---- Capital Turning into Mental Asylum ?

The reality remains the same as pointed out  here - Its spreading fast & how!

Do we deserve this??!! Daily, Pick up the newspaper & read all the bu##$@!t  !
Keep on turning pages and along with the rising mercury, my brain's temperature also keeps on rising.

      At times I feel how helpless the healthy minded people have become in front of these sick minded people who are increasing day by day and are hiding behind masks and therefore are difficult to detect.

       What's the problem of these filthy people? Why are they so obsessed with sex? Can't they see anything in life beyond this? Why are they targeting young innocent kids who are so unaware of all this rubbish? What are they imprinting on their psyche  and body?

        Till now we were reading about aimless man of lower strata doing heinous rapes and other sexual abuses on all- young girls, boys and kids.But today I was shocked to read the confirmation of the medical report that female maids who worked with a reputed public school in Gurgaon were sexually abusing an eight year old girl - even by using foreign objects! They confessed to the crime, What type are women are they? How can a woman - a mother do it?

          Is it some sort of frustration which is leading them to this shameless path or simply the sickness of their psyche? Where & when is it going to end? Are these people totally devoid of conscience? It is high time, we have to strive for some very serious introspection - find the root cause, educate & counsel them. Both mental & physical discipline is the need of the hour. Otherwise it seems that we are sending our to a jungle daily (and not to schools) which is full of sick minded beasts and we are not at all sure of our children's security unless they return home.

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