Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Indo - Pak Relations ----- Jealousy & Frustration Paramount

What happens when inferiority complex is combined with aimlessness?
Output is for all to see what Pakistan has been doing for all these years.

     After partition, India strived for growth, development, economical upliftment of people, industrialization, innovations in all the fields whether it was Green Revolution, White Revolution, Nuclear Science development, IT Revolution or the placement of India on International scenario increasingly progressing day by day.

      On the other hand Pakistan could never attain any of the above progressive milestones. Obviously as they opted for the regressive path of destruction - terrorism as their main aim. Political destabilization due to recurrent clashes between the party in power and the army always harmed the nation.

      All the friendly gestures by our nation from time to time kept on going futile. Pakistan always behaved like a stubborn cry baby all this while and hence all the efforts went in vain. Pakistan always ditched us whether it was by performing terrorist activities in J&K, Bombay, Hyderabad etc. or crossing the  LoC in Kargil,Tiger hill etc.

       I don't understand why Pak doesn't learn from its idiosyncrasies and try to resolve all disputes with our nation. Instead of being jealous of India's progress, Pak should try to learn from us and start paving the path for progress leaving aside the way of terrorism from which they are never going to attain anything progressive.

Let both India & Pakistan  keep the "Aman Ki Asha" alive.....

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