Monday, 20 February 2017

A SpRAY Of Health...

Ray is Oil you need. It is a refreshingly new, innovative concept in the arena of cooking. It promises to change your lifestyle. In fact, it is going to change your style of cooking. I have been using Ray Natural Cooking Spray for quite a while now. And, I can bet it is better in many aspects than your conventional concept of pouring tablespoons of oil into whatever vessel is intended to facilitate the cooking process.

Firstly, the concept of a spray oil saves money because its usage is optimal and economical. Thus, it avoids wastage. Secondly, it is healthy, because it avoids excess usage as is possible when opting for other traditional styles of using cooking oil. Thirdly, it gives a uniform spread over the intended surface. Whether you are using grill, oven or normal gas stoves, it makes a lot of sense to use Spray Oil. Finally, it gives you a remarkable taste of the spices and other ingredients.

Ray Natural Cooking Spray gives you 750 sprays per can. Each spray contains a mere two calories. And no cholesterol trans fats. As a matter of fact, it is approved by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.

It is quite interesting to observe the calorie comparison. One spray contains 0.25 grams of fat and two calories. While if we use one teaspoon butter, it is 3.8 grams of fat and 35 calories. Moreover, one teaspoon of oil, instead, has 4.6 calories of fat and 41 calories. Now, probably, you will understand why I am of the opinion that it is a healthy cooking alternative. Its usage is quite simple. Firstly, you have to shake the can well before use. Secondly, you have to point the spray nozzle towards the dot. Thirdly, hold the can upright. Spray about 10 inches from the cooking surface.

Let me highlight a few of the unique points of Ray Natural Cooking Spray. The spray spreads universally on the bottom of pan, griddle, or sandwich maker, thus cooking is much healthier and better. The consumption is far less than the way we cook using a tablespoon or many for oil or butter. Most importantly, you get the real taste of the ingredients and spices, as I said before. The oil doesn't predominate over the taste of the ingredients thus making it tastier and healthier.

Though Ray Natural Cooking Spray comes in four alternatives - groundnut, olive, sunflower, and ghee, I chose to try sunflower oil. The standard pack is 250 ml (or 200 gm). It is ideal to use it as a natural, convenient way to cook without the calories of conventional oil or butter. In fact, whatever is the mode of cooking. Ray Spray is your healthy alternative to cooking oil. Hence, whether it is the pan, cookware, griddle, baking, or microwave dishes, Ray Cooking Spray is ideally the best. I have been using it regularly for cooking my routine vegetables, curries, sandwiches, fritters and many other dishes.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A Treasure Of Flavors At Prantha Jn.

Prantha Junction Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Paranthas form for a staple breakfast item in India, especially the northern part of it. though they can be relished at any time of the day. After a shopping spree in the posh Meharchand Market situated in Lodi Colony, we found this hidden gem of a place, that is Prantha Jn. situated just above Giani's where we had gone to have some ice-cream.

Prantha Jn. has a name which might lead you to believe that this place is all about Paranthas, just like the iconic brand Not Just Paranthas! but for Prantha Jn. it is a misnomer because this place goes beyond Paranthas to cater to Indian Cuisine with grace and aplomb.

Prantha Jn. as a place, is well-lit, has been done up in subtle hues, with spacious indoor and outdoor seating facility. The decor is minimal though it lends a feel-at-home vibe, with soft music accompanying the excellent food being served. The stewards are courteous, well-informed, and attentive as well.

The feel-good factor extends beyond their ambiance and reflects in the preparation, presentation, quality and taste of their dishes.

Here's what all made our meal at Prantha Jn. an extraordinary one.

Soups, both of which were warm and flavorful broths that held on to their individual flavors:

  • Tomato Basil Shorba 

  • Chicken Shorba 

Appetizers served alongside an accompaniment of Papad, Onion Rings, and Mint Chutney:

  • Veg Platter, consisting of Khada Papad Paneer Tikka (Chef's special at Prantha Jn. - cottage cheese chunks layered with crisp Papad on the outside, while a bite of the cheese is soft and melt-in-mouth), Stuffed Aloo, Dahi Kebab, Stuffed Mushroom, and Veg Galouti Kebab. 

  • Non-Veg Platter, consisting of Mutton Seekh, Chicken Tikka, Malai Tikka, Fish Tikka, and Prawns. 

Mocktails / Shakes: 

  • Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea 

  • Italian Smooch 

  • Hazelnut Mocha with Ice-Cream
  • Cold Coffee Frappe
  • Jaljeera 

Main Course: 

  • Paneer Methi Tandoori Prantha served with Chole, Raita, Achaar, and Makkhan. 

  • Chicken Pyaaz Tandoori Prantha served with Silky Gravy, Raita, Achaar, and Makkhan. 

  • Shabnam Curry, which was essentially Mushroom and Peas cooked well. 

  • Silky Chicken is their signature rendition of Butter Chicken and the gravy is literally silky as it leaves a lingering taste on the palate. The chicken was also brilliantly prepared. 

  • Prawn Curry had a Goan hint to its preparation. 

  • Dal Makhni, which is a classic that must be done right. Here at Prantha Jn., it was served with a dollop of ghee on top. 


  • Gur Ka Parantha is to die for, here at Prantha Jn. Jaggery or Gur is a solace in Winters and when you pair melted Gur with Fennel or Saunf, it renders a cooling effect on the palate. This one was a visual treat too, more than being appetizing. 

  • Gulab Jamun is a classic North Indian dessert and this one was just fantastically soft and right degree of warm on the palate. 

I loved my meal at Prantha Jn. only because each dish was well-prepared and courteously presented. Their Gur Ka Parantha has earned a special mention from my side because it was simply heart-warming.

Prantha Jn. is essentially a fine-dine restaurant that is a family place that entertains no nonsense of alcoholic beverages or the newest fad that Hookah has become and I loved being here because this place is so humble and down-to-earth in its functioning.

I would definitely love to be at Prantha Jn. over and over again. :)

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Gastronomical Delights At Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar...

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Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar situated in the happening GK-I M Block Market is a place with chilled-out vibes. The crowd is also energetic enough, with a majority of youth opting for a relaxing evening here. Plus, they have a well-made terrace, which can also be considered a USP since this place is situated on the second floor.

Music keeps playing in the background while patrons can relish good food, beverages, and even Hookah if they wish to.

I was invited to Gastronomica for a Blogger's Table and found the place to be well-done aesthetically, though dimly-lit. The food was good enough, some dishes were fantastic, though the stewards could be a little more informed and attentive. :)

Here's what all was savored, coming from Gastronomica's Kitchen...


  • Quinoa Bhel

  • Ratatouille Cigars 

  • Wasabi Fish Cake 

  • Bagels 

  • Mascarpone Chicken 

  • AAA Pizza 

  • Pizza Pazza 

Mocktails / Shakes:

  • Bubblegum Bazuka 

  • Rose Lavender Shake 

  • Orange Kafir Lime Spritzer 
  • Cold Coffee Shake 

Main Course:

  • Cottage Cheese Steaks 

  • Chicken Milanese 


  • Beetroot Halwa 
  • An Evening In Jaipur 

I had a good time at Gastronomica and would recommend the place if you're looking for dining with a view, at the terrace that is. :)

Oven Story Redefines Love For Pizza...

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Last weekend at home was Pizza Weekend. Though Pizza has lost me as a fan because of not-so-great preparations being done by the regular names in the market, I had heard a lot about a new home-delivery-only joint in my vicinity going by the brand name - Oven Story - a brand which believes that Pizza emulates life, and thus decided to give it a try.

How is Pizza = Life? Thus opines Oven Story's Pizza Pedro:

"Flour, butter, veggies and cheese, if not put through grueling heat and tests of time, they will never become a beautiful pizza. On the other hand, we’ve often seen people find the completion of their story, in a warm pizza. In life-like situations like these, how can the only variety be that of toppings?

At Oven Story we know how your pizza resonates your story, so we’ve got you our 4 signature cheese bases- one for each of your mood. From alive and hearty Peri Peri and beautiful mellow roasted 4 Bell Pepper to hot Chipotle and el-Classico - a classic cheese spread that’s perfect for all.

So go ahead, choose a flavor that completes your story."

This particular analogy seemed interesting enough for me to go ahead and craft a story at Oven Story. From their impressive range of Pizzas, Garlic Bread, Bruschetta, and Dessert, I decided to opt for Pizza and Dessert to form my first impression of their brand.

From their quad bases, I opted for El Classico, Chipotle, and Peri Peri. Going by their About Us, I already had a feeling that Oven Story would be a class apart from run-of-the-mill Dominos or Pizza Hut, and I was proved right.

My order placed with them consisted of the following:

  • Chipotle Gourmet Veggie (V)

  • Peri Peri Big Western (NV)

  • Classico Picante (V)

  • Sicilian Red Velvet Cake 

Not only were their 9" pizzas thin, crisp, steaming hot, fresh and light on the palate, but also they were loaded with life-size chunks of respective toppings and melt-in-mouth cheese that went without saying. I finally got rid of my gradual aversion to Pizza because of the other well-known brands having degraded their name in the market by utilizing ingredients/toppings just for namesake, as Pizza had just become mere refined flour and cheese for me over the passage of time. 

Not the case with Oven Story, though. These people impressed me and how! Also got to know that they had partnered with Faasos for their delivery operations, hence handling the logistics like a pro. 

 I also observed that their bases were not just flour, but also some herbs were visible on the underside of all the three bases. Poking holes in the pizza base also proved to be a good idea for even cooking, thus making the pizza soft, crisp, and flavorful. :)

However, the star of the meal was their Sicilian Red Velvet which was a delicious cross between a regular Lava Cake and an aesthetic Red Velvet. The cake was topped with nuts, which were the icing for me. This dessert is my must-have when ordering from Oven Story.

Oven Story as a brand has been present in other major metro cities of the country and Delhi is their newest arena. I am sure that with such mastery in their preparation, presentation, and delivery, Oven Story will steal hearts all across the capital city. :)