Saturday, 20 July 2013

PADE --- Cartoon --- Day 20

To All Those Who Come To Read This Post...
For This Particular Post - The Admin's Rights Have Been Transferred From An Adult Admin To Her 'Newly Majored Adult' but 'Childish At Heart' Daughter Who Took Over Especially For This Particular Theme... (And Can Already Imagine 'Homo Sapiens' Readers Looking Forward To Having A Good Time :P)

All 'Homo Sapiens' At The Reader's End Are Advised To Keep 'Adult Logic 'n' Seriousness' At Bay And Enjoy This Post With A Child's Heart...

Heartfelt Thanks To The Organizers Sfurti And Ritu For Keeping 'A Kid's Heart' In Mind While Deciding The Themes for PADE... (Although 'Welcome' Alone From The Organizer's Side Would Not Suffice... This Post Is Going To Be So Good That They (Read Sfurti And Ritu) Would HAVE TO (2) Surrender That Badge! :P)
P.S. - Consolation Would Not Do... ;)

90's Kids Jump With Joy At The Mention Of 'Cartoon'
It Reminds Us All Of Our Fave But Long Lost 'Network - Cartoon'
Anticipating Good Times At Tea Time - 4.30 - 6 - Overtaken By 'Cartoon'
Kids Finishing Their HWs To Avoid Disturbance - All For 'Cartoon'

'Metro Goldwyn Mayor's Lion' Spelling Tom And Jerry
Jerry's Wit Beating Tom's Schemes
Learning A Piano's Mechanism
Came With Laughter Through Innocence's Prism

Came at 5.30 - Dexter's Laboratory
Brainchild Of Gendy Tartakovsky
Dee-Dee Spelling Havoc
And Dexter Trapped With Mandark

Who Can Forget 'Girls Powerpuff'?
Chemical X's (Craig McCracken's) Brainchild
The Harbinger Of Girl Power
Rescuing Townsville's Naive Townfolk From The Likes Of Mojo Jojo, RowdyRuff 'n' Fuzzy Lumpkins

Let's Recall Disney Too...
Mickey And Minnie Rule!
Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Goofy Also Tag Along...
All For Walt Disney's Brainchild!

Oh! Where Oh! Where Did You Go?
Old But Golden 'Cartoons'!
All We See Now - A - Days Are Politicians...
Making Out Of Our Nation - A 'Mega' Cartoon!

'You Don't Understand Politics.
We Can't Keep Our Election Promises Because We Are Too Busy In Collecting And Spending (Moolah) On Ourselves.'
R.K. Laxman - Common Man, 2002.
(c) StirYourSouls

There Were Bugs Bunny, Road Runner...
Sylvester, Tweety 'n' Daffy Too...
RIP Cartoon Network 1992 - 2002...
'That's All Folks!
  :b :b :b :b 
Fifth Time Lucky!
This one's for my Dearest Daughter!

Heartfelt Thanks To The Organizers Ritu and Sfurti!
This post is written as a part of PADE Day 20 Cartoon by Sfurti Juztamom And Ritu KT's ToRaveAbout.
All entries for Day 20 can be found here and here.


  1. Awww Poonam your adult kid is so so talented!! Who drew all this?? Her??
    And loved the write up also!

    1. The entire post...
      The sketches, the write up are all hers.
      She took pain to compile all of it.
      She took this theme to heart to relive her childhood.
      And She says a big Thank You!
      Keep Visiting! :)

  2. very nicely drawn .. indeed she is talented .. very talented :)

  3. Wow The drawings are simply amazing..your daughter is pretty good in drawing and I like the Tom and Jerry most.. :-)

    1. She loves The Tom & Jerry Sketch too!
      Thanks for the appreciation...
      Keep Visiting! :)

    2. I am and have been a adult for a few years but I'd love to be a kid again! I miss those days of Powerpuff girls, Tom and Jerry, Looney Toons.
      Your daughter is so talented. I think I read one of her stories about a dress last week. Amazing!

    3. Thanks A Lot from my and my daughter's side too!
      She is getting inspiration from your motivating comments.
      And yes, she had written A Dress's Autobiography on her blog too!
      Keep Visiting! :)


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